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To stress the importance of the Internet back in 2000 it was said that if a company did not have a “web presence” (website) they either would soon find themselves losing market share to their competitors or worse, they would find themselves out of business completely.

The same can be said today to home builders as it relates to emphasizing the importance of marketing home technologies to future home buyers, specifically the “X” and “Y” generations (the offspring and grandchildren of baby boomers) who are among the most tech-savvy generations to have ever lived.

Consider This

According to the Research Center for the National Association of Home Builders and the Consumer Electronics Association, 65% of home builders agree that marketing home technology is more important today than it was just two years ago. Another recent study revealed that 60% of home buyers today believe houses should be built like new cars “with computerized controls.” That percentage will only increase as GenXers and GenYers become home first-time home buyers.

Seize The Opportunity

Consumers are embracing technology now more than ever and as a result, home builders should be seizing the opportunity to offer the proper infrastructure to potential home buyers to support these technologies in an effort to “future-proof” the homes they sell.

By incorporating what are quickly becoming “must-have” technologies into a model home such as multi-room audio, security systems, home theatre, home automation or structured cabling and by giving them equal “upgrade” attention as in more traditional categories like flooring, cabinetry, appliances, or carpeting, when displayed and demonstrated properly, the life-changing and time-saving capabilities and benefits of automated technologies will sell itself as research has shown consumers are more than willing to pay for simplicity and convenience.

We Are A Tech-Driven Society

Consumer demand for home entertainment and technology will continue to advance at warp speed due to the demands the average digital family places on communications, computer connectivity, and entertainment sources. Given this, home builders need to discuss and consider a home’s electronic systems with the home buyer at the blueprint stage rather than as an afterthought.

Advanced anticipation for high-end audio/video systems, networking, and whole-house integration systems not only spares the homeowner from the stress of a complex retrofit installation later down the line, but it is much easier and more cost effective to prewire for technology prior to the drywall phase of construction rather than after.

Let Us Help You Increase Your Bottom Line

Advanced ESI would like to extend to you the opportunity to learn more about how collaborating with a CEDIA-certified electronic systems contractor (ESC), such as Advanced ESI, at the beginning of your project can not only help you meet your client’s needs for home technology, but increase your bottom line as well.

Contact us today and speak with one of our qualified electronic design consultants about our special Home Builders Innovative Technology Package.

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