Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA)

Located in the heart of the cultural district in downtown Pittsburgh, CAPA is the newest “gem” of the Pittsburgh Public School District. This 38 million dollar, seven story facility accommodates hundreds of students and staff.

Advanced ESI as the COMM Groupwas given the challenge  to createan overall security planincorporating design, installation andoperations in accordance with thePittsburgh Public Schoolscomprehensive security plan and beable to blend with the ambiance ofthe building.Along with controlling access intothe school through specified portals,the plan involved monitoring exitthrough a number of other doorswithin the building, integration with aclosed circuit television system, digital video recording, fire alarm peer-to-peer interface, cigarettedeterrent interface and the use of a mobile wireless solution. working with both electrical and design engineers to develop specific plans and drawings incorporatingan ID Credential center/badge designer/alarm monitoring, alarm maps, fire alarm and paging interface,and video recording with numerous cameras and a matrix switcher. In addition to the server, thecomponents of the systems include LCD monitors and keyboard, which are located in the commandcenter security room. Two Security guards can confidently monitor all of these elements to view andcontrol the   27 proximity readers, 109 door alarms, 60 motion detectors,   and the   287 cameraslocated both in and outside of the facility. Now, the facility is secured after hours by way of arming/disarming the system with the proximity/ keypadreader. The system also monitors cigarette detectors.  An alarm, when activated, is displayed on agraphic map and a camera is called up to view the area.  A page signal is immediately sent to theroaming security staff to identify the location of the alarm. The staff is also equipped with a mobileenterprise solution that allows wireless operation of the system, from a laptop or PDA as if being in thecommand center.

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