National Aviary of Pittsburgh

Located in historic North Side’s West Park, the Na?onal Aviary is America’s only independent indoor nonprofit bird zoo. The Aviary is home to 600+ birds of more than 200 species. Many are threatened or endangered in the wild. The natural, planted exhibits allow visitors an up-close view of the bird world. From hummingbirds to Andean Condors, these birds represent nearly every con?nent, with a particular emphasis on rainforest and wetland habitats.

Advanced ESI provided the Pittsburgh National Aviary with a versatile, multi-function music andpaging  system  that  includes  microphones,  paging,  compact  disc  player  and  changer,  a  tapeplayer, a mixer and  amplifiers, speakers and hard of hearing equipment.

Eight amplifiers, or zones, and five sources of sound were implemented in this project. The zonescan be used in a variety of combinations or each zone may be used independently, dependingupon the needs of the event. A key feature to the design of the system is that each of thespeakers is wired separately to allow for ease in rezoning and expansion.

The system was tailored to meet the specific needs of the Aviary and support  separate audiopresentations in three desired areas. Both wired or wireless microphones can be used in each ofthese areas while the indoor and outdoor speakers can be easily rezoned for special events asthe need arises.

What appears to be rocks in the landscaping in The Rose Garden, are actually speakers thatproduce  high  quality  sound  and  are  aesthetically  pleasing.  The  unique  design  of  the  newSoundsphere  Loudspeakers   allows for outstanding projection of clear voice and high qualitymusic in the challenging environments of the Aviary’s Marsh Room and Tropical Forest Room.

For visiting guests with reduced hearing capacity, wireless battery operated receivers are nowavailable. Up to eight separate receiving units can be used in the areas where special events andpresentations are held.

The Pro-Sound Engineering group provided a sound system that greatly enhances the events andmakes it possible for everyone to enjoy a day at The Aviary.

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