Pittsburgh International Airport

Advanced ESI/The COMM Group furnished the Pittsburgh International Airport with increased security capabilities that include video monitoring, upgrading the access control system, a dedicated secure infrastructure for the new operations center and expansion to include the surrounding airport buildings. Us- ing the latest technology including   Network Digital Video Recording, Optical Fiber Video Trunk  lines, Plasma Screens, Access Control, Badging and Biometric Thumbprint readers.

This $2M+ contract involved monitoring and controlling nearly   500 doors and access security points  ,  providing badging for over  10,000 with the installation of    iClass readers   and   Smart Card   Technology.  Over   300 cameras   were added  to view all areas of the interior and exterior spaces. The cameras pan,  tilt and zoom to allow for fine detail inspection of distant items. The operations center is a centralized  site built expressly for monitoring and responding to life-safety and security issues.

The system interfaces with the Ethernet attached controllers and is accessed by users on a dedicated network. It reports  any condition that is outside of the norm for that device. Each device is a modifiable field that is programmed to change throughout the course of the day, week, season, holiday etc. The user can select  an image, duplicate it on a plasma large screen and overlay it with other relevant data and video information while  digitally recording the image for future recall.

The   CCTV digital recorders   capture 7.5 images per second / per camera although each camera can  be independently configured. Using Wavelet technology, digital video files are compressed by removing  obvious redundancies. The automated tape libraries provide premier capacity, high speed data transfer,  reliability and value.

Biometrics, in this case thumbprint technology, is incorporated as one of the multi-layered security elements. An individuals thumbprint is matched to a unique passcode and a smartcard which contains  unique identifying data. The three technologies used together provide maximum security and protection.

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