Slippery Rock University

As one of the largest campuses in Western Pennsylvania, SRU spans over 611 acres and is made up of 48 individual buildings. The 54,000+ square foot Eisenberg Classroom Building was added in 1969. The auditorium was recently renovated to create a more intimate feel and a new audio visual system was needed to enhance both education and entertainment.

Advanced ESI has provided Slippery Rock University’s Eisenberg Auditorium with a top-of-the-line Crestron Control System for their new 90 seat theater. It erases the boundaries between the control system and the touch panel by offering a bright, crisp, beautiful, high resolution picture and true to life color. Numerous devices can be operated and linked to multiple control systems anywhere in the world via the internet. Teachers can now monitor both script and visuals and have complete control of the classroom from one central control panel. Whether print media, power point, slide trays, VHS or DVD, this system promises to make the most of interactive audio and visual activity by possessing the ability to access all forms of media with the user friendly touch screen. The blazing fast transmission speed allows this system to run clean, fast and efficiently while duel projection screens switch from normal to wide screen instantly.

Learning is also enhanced through the superior 7.1 surround sound system that most movie theaters currently use for optimal audio performance.

Additionally, the Group installed a Polyvision Interactive Whiteboard and projector to bring simplicity to a world of complicated technology. Now, the presenter can simply walk up and begin writing without any advance preparation required. This allows students to access teachers notes conveniently for maximum learning impact and capture the energy of spontaneous collaboration.

Through the expertise of the designers, installers and technicians, Advanced was able to provide Slippery Rock University with leading edge technologies and cost effective solutions to create a learning and teaching environment appropriate to the 21st century.

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