The Hilton Hotel & Towers

The Hilton Pittsburgh and Towers has been the city’s largest and most elegant hotel since it opened in 1959. Located adjacent to Pittsburgh’s Point State Park and across from Heinz Field it is considered an integral part of The Golden Triangle. All of the 713 rooms are beautifully renovated and provide breathtaking views of the Three Rivers and Point State Park.

Advanced ESI, was awarded the contract for this Design/Build Turnkey Project that required the design and installation of a fully operational   Siemens Pyrotronics   fire alarm system that assured compliance with all requirements set forth by the City of Pittsburgh and the State of Pennsylvania.  The new system design would also bring the hotel into full compliance with The Americans with  Disabilities Act.  The system included the complete replacement of the existing Fire Alarm with the addition of a   Voice Evacuation   and   Firefighter Communication System.

A particular concern at the hotel was eliminating a problem with false alarms that had plagued the original system.  In addition, since the new system was intended for operation by a variety of facility and security personnel, it had to be “user-friendly” to the extent that the staff could be reasonably expected to easily operate the system effectively under emergency conditions.

A special challenge with this project was that the entire system installation had to be carried out in a fully operational hotel.  This required the existing system be completely operational while migrating to the new system. Installation could not disrupt hotel operations or disturb guests in any way.  This requirement presented a tremendous challenge, and a great deal of special planning and coordination, particularly since the Hotel was consistently “overbooked” throughout the course of the project.

Communication between firefighters and the Command Center is vital. Class A, Style 7 wiring between the Fire Command Center and all Remote Floor Panels provides two network loops separated by a minimum of 20′ to insure redundant communication pathways for the network. Two-way telephone communication is possible between the Central Control Panel and 109 Phone Jacks strategically located at all stairway exits, Elevators and Elevator Lobbies and Fire Pump Room. Duct-type Smoke Detectors are installed in the air handling system ductwork to coordinate with a bank of Intelligent Relay Controls to shut down fans in event of fire in accordance with the BOCA National Mechanical Code.

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