UPMC Mckeesport Hospital

Founded in 1894, UPMC McKeesport is a nonprofit acute care community hospital that serves the 200,000 residents of McKeesport and the surrounding area. UPMC is the leading health care system in western Pennsylvania and one of the largest nonprofit integrated health care systems in the United States. UPMC has been ranked among the “best of the best” from U.S. News and World Report Magazine for the past five years. The McKeesport Hospital has 475 beds in the 6 building complex. With 35,000 employees, UPMC is the largest employer in western Pennsylvania.

Advanced ESI provided UPMC McKeesport with a new interior and exterior video security system which includes closed circuit television cameras.

Installed were pan, tilt and zoom cameras that are housed in environmental domes. The domes include heaters and blowers to maintain a proper temperature at all times and keep the camera lens free of snow and ice deposits. Additionally, fixed cameras were installed. These high speed, high resolution cameras are strategically placed to keep watch of the premises. All of the hospitals main doors, loading areas and parking areas are covered – as well as public areas and sensitive locations such as the hospital nursery. The cameras are equipped with variable speed controls and have the ability to move up to 200 degrees per second. They can be manually manipulated as well with the addition of a new Pelco keyboard that has a “joystick” controller. A useful feature of this system is the programmable tours. These tours allow each camera to continuously patrol areas according to pre planned programs, dates, times and special schedules.

Upgrading the outdated black and white monitors with new color units and integrated them into the total security system. From the control center, the Chief of Security can monitor, playback and print video images. Surveillance photos from the system are easily available- should a need arise. The system also features a multiplexer capable of recording as many as 16 cameras on one tape and a printer that can produce a color still of any recorded video frame.

This installation was featured in S,D&M magazine as an example of high-quality planning, installation, product selection, ease of use, and customer satisfaction.

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