Vance Memorial Presbyterian Church

It is often said that every church purchases at least three sound systems. The first is the one obtained from the lowest bidder when the building is erected. The second is installed by the “expert” in the congregation. The third is the one designed, installed, and adjusted by a carefully chosen team. Understandably, Vance Memorial chose Advanced ESI.

Let’s face it, the message and the music are the two most important parts of the worship experience. The correct sound system equipment and design can certainly enhance the quality of any worship service. A poorly designed system can be a huge disappointment.

With this in mind, a solution was designed that incorporates Digital Signal Processing with a programmable 1/3 octave equalizer, a QSC PLX Series Amplification to supply 7200 Watts for the House Speaker System , a QSC ISA Series Amplification to supply 1700 Watts for Monitor Speaker System and a Power Sequencer.

The front house system includes a 48 channel Yamaha mixing console, wireless receivers for two wireless microphones and a Tascam cassette recorder and CD-RW. For the house speaker system, a Renkus Heinz Center Loudspeaker System that contains two Subwoofers and Supporting Loudspeakers was chosen. Stage monitoring for the altar teams both floor speakers and four channels of monitors.

The Pro-Sound engineering staff provided the expertise to design and install the best equipment for this application, to the satisfaction of all those that attend Vance Memorial.

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