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“Let There Be Lighting Control” As featured on
In this era of energy awareness, experts remind us that a great way to cut down the cost of lighting our homes is to install dimmers. Yet the average home in the United States has 32 light switches—and only 1.2 dimmers*,.. Read more

“Home-Theater Components” As fetured on
The objective behind home theater is to approximate the experience of an actual movie theater in your home — to create an environment that minimizes outside distractions… Read more

“Electronics Are Hot in the Kitchen” As featured in TecHome Builder Magazine Jun 2007
The amount of money spent today on granite countertops may someday soon be equaled by the amount spent on consumer electronics in the kitchen…Read more

“High Tech Homes Are Here” As featured on
Trying to keep up with all the innovation in the products and systems available for today’s new homes is a daunting task…Read more

“Illuminating Evidence” As featured on TecHome Builder Magainze March/April 2008It is surprising. It’s almost baffling. The absence of lighting control from the growing numbers of water cooler conversations on the topic of green residential building is stumping many industry pundits. The fact is that, in the latest “Builder Technology Market Study,” part of the Consumer Electronics Association’s “2006 State of the Builder Survey,” lighting control was cited as the fastest growing technology offered by homebuilders…Read more

“Looking At Lighting Control” As featured on TecHome Builder Magainze March/April 2008
Back before the commonality of the Internet and cell phones, many American families’ considered lighting control to be having the kids get up and turn the lights on while Dad read the paper or Mom cooked dinner… Read more

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