Lighting Design

Light is the 4th dimension of architecture. Light is how we perceive the spaces and architectural details of our homes. Light brings to life the vision of the architect, interior designer, and the owner. Yet all too often we overlook this vital aspect of our home, only to find out it is very hard to fix after the fact.

A lighting designer understands the spaces and volumes created by the architect and interior designer, as well as your lifestyle. Through creative lighting plans, he or she knows how to draw attention to features and how to manipulate shadows in order to beautify what our eye perceives. However, lighting is much more than that. It must provide a delicate balance between function and aesthetics, between practicality and mood. The lighting designer blends task lighting, path lighting, art lighting, architectural highlights, and landscape lighting to provide you with comfort and a sense of well-being for every type of activity Advanced ESI’s lighting designers are creative professionals who apply their technical expertise with a complete commitment to the success of your project. Their continuing education assures they are current with the latest developments in illumination and control technologies, and are able to combine effective lighting designs with advanced dimming controls to achieve the highest quality of lighting and control possible.

Our designers work with your architect and interior designer right from the early design stage of your home, taking full responsibility for the lighting aspect and integrating this with the architect’s plans. Our lighting design captures your architect’s, interior designers, and landscape architects vision with a creative flair that truly completes your home.

Advanced ESI has three dedicated, certified lighting designers. These professionals have nearly 50 years of combined lighting design experience. NCQLP certification assures you that the designers are at the very top of the profession. Call us or contact us for more information.


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