Home Theater Audio/Video

We are the industry leader in the electronics market place and have been in business since 1979 with proven experience in audio, video, communications, and life safety technologies.

Creating the Theater Experience in Your Home

We help you choose the size of your screen and how many rows of seats you want. We’ll give you options for maximizing sight lines for all angles without obstructions. We lay out your room in CAD format to make sure everyone has a great view of the movie. We also present you with options for your screen projector, speaker placement, and component placement. We can create the entire design and decor or work with your designer.

We also specialize in acoustics and soundproofing for your dedicated home theater room. We know the importance of the center channel speaker for hearing movie dialogue and we are experts in optimizing the position of that center channel speaker even in home theaters with multiple rows of seating. We also excel at right and left speaker placements, surround and rear speaker placement, and subwoofer placement for the best sound experience possible.

Whole Home Video Distribution

Watch broadcast television, movies from your DVD, satellite television, or closed circuit security footage from any television in your home with the whole house video solutions from Advanced ESI. We can enjoy the convenience and security of being able to access all your media and security video from any room with the press of a button. Our experts can blend or hide all those unsightly cables, wires, and monitors into your home decor to seamlessly match the aesthetics of your house.

Advanced ESI is dedicated to providing you with a true and immersive home theater experience that makes you feel like part of the movie. We carry the top brand names in audio and visual products on the market, and our professionals have years of design and installation experience to give you a home theater to create the perfect decor.

Factors in Creating the Ultimate Media Room

  • Optimized screen placement
  • Sunlight effect
  • Speaker placement
  • Ventilation
  • Acoustics
  • Control interfaces

Simple Controls for the Best Viewing Experience

Not only will you have complete control of the sound and picture, you can also control the temperature and lighting from our simple control interface. Our control interface can help you switch between multiple media sources such as Blu-ray, cable, satellite, DVR's, streaming services, Apple TV, media servers, and more. Enjoy touchscreen simplicity and instant feedback on a single screen.