Lighting Design and Control

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Lighting Design and Control

For all your interior and exterior lighting needs, count on Advanced ESI to create efficient and effective lighting design and installation services for your home. Our creative lighting plans can draw attention to the features you want while providing practical safety to your property. We work with architects and interior designers at the early stages of designing your property, integrating their plans with our design to complete the perfect look for your home.

We have skilled lighting designers with more than 20 years of lighting design experience.

Our Lighting Design Incorporate

  • Task lighting
  • Path lighting
  • Art lighting
  • Architectural highlights
  • Landscape lighting

Enjoy complete control of all of your home interior and exterior lighting from a simple control interface with Advanced ESI and our custom lighting control design and installation services. Our lighting controls can eliminate wall clutter and blends in with any home decor for the ultimate combination of convenience, safety, and efficiency. We install top-of-the-line units from Lutron and Crestron for reliable performance.

Invest in Security, Relaxation, and Style

Our lighting control systems take away the hassle of having to use time-clock systems to allow you to have the lights on when you come home. You can also use this system to shut off every light in your home from your nightstand or slightly illuminate your hallway or bathroom without waking others during the night. Bring down the lights in your home theater with the press of a button. You can also bring them back up if you need to light a path to the door. You have complete control of the ambiance of your home's lighting to fully express your mood, style, and sense of space.