About Advanced ESI

Advanced ESI is dedicated to bringing together new technology and ideas to design state-of-the-art low-voltage electronics systems that are simple to operate in your home or business. We are the industry leader in the electronics market place and have been in business since 1979 with proven experience in audio, video, communications, and life safety technologies.

Our certified design consultants take a hands-on approach to every project. We will meet with you, your architect, engineer, or designer to bring your project to life. We have the only dedicated design team in the Sarasota area, specializing in lighting, cabling, networking, automation, audio / video, and security. 

Some examples of what we can do at different stages of your construction project

1. Planning and Design

This is the best time to work with us. If you do not have blueprints yet, we can provide you with ideas to influence your design plans. If you do have blueprints, we can use them to plan a system for any part of your home.

2. Beginning Construction

Still a good time to work with us as we can implement many ideas after the electricians finish their work. You still have plenty of design options available that we can implement.

3. Pre-Wire Phase

This is when we do most of our installation work after the planning stages. If you have reached this point without planning from us, we can move quickly to give you the best options available.

4. Drywall Phase

Our options are limited to existing rooms. Stud placements are fixed and running certain wires becomes difficult. It is still better to involve us at this stage than at later stages.

5. Post-Construction

There may be some limits without resorting to major renovation work, but we can still design and install numerous options for your home entertainment, automation, and security needs.

6. Completely Decorated

We can still install a custom system that fits your home's new look. We do all the work and clean everything up like we were never there.

General FAQs

Flat panel is a term used to describe thin or flat TVs. Some of those options are plasma, LCD, LED, or OLED.

LCD technology traps a liquid-crystal solution between two sheets of glass that is stimulated by an electrical signal. Plasma uses a combination of electrical impulses and gases encased in cell structures to form a picture.

The exception is OLED. Televisions based on Organic Light Emitting Diode display technology are fundamentally different from LCD TVs. The most basic difference is that each pixel provides its own illumination, while all of the pixels in an LCD TV are illuminated by an LED backlight.

Low-light conditions where the room can be darkened for optimum viewing. Although plasma is now a discontinued product, OLED would be the current replacement in terms of performance for low light conditions.


Happy Customer Reviews


I have had the good fortune of having Advanced-ESI design and install my audio/video and lightscaping systems at my home in Seagrove, on Siesta Key. The results have been truly spectacular. Indeed their knowledge, responsiveness and professionalism have been exceptional. I value their services and talent so highly that I recommended them to our homeowners association. And in this regard, to the delight and great satisfaction of our entire homeowners community, Advanced ESI installed the lightscaping for the entire community. I highly recommend Advanced ESI to those looking for premium and top notch professional service.

John D B

What an incredible experience! We had our existing Home Theater system revamped by Advanced ESI, which they installed 8 years ago. Andreas was a wealth of knowledge and guided us to get the right components for our space and system. Installation was a breeze and the crew was meticulous with the installation and tweaking of the system. They walked us thru the entire system and the new features, making sure we ‘got it’ before the Tech left. They even helped answer questions, after hours, if something came up. Exceptional service and a very knowledgeable staff. This is your one-stop shop for your AV & technology needs!

Scott P

No company better than Advanced-ESI. We used them when we built our home theater – that was nearly 20 years ago. Since then, they have been our go-to for everything we’ve done with TV, sound, equipment, configuration and support. I highly recommend these guys!

Terry T

Advanced ESI was highly recommended to us by our realtors, and now I would do the same! They are professional, knowledgeable, and provide exceptional work.

Jake K

I have used Advanced ESI or all or my home TV and audio needs for years. They are fantastic. I have never had a problem they could not solve. Reliable, trustworthy, prompt, and intelligent. Highly recommend.

Derek B