Networking & IP Services

With multiple computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, Tablets in most households, along with t

he explosion of devices requiring access to the internet (smart TV’s, Apple TV’s, Streaming Blu-Ray players, X-Box, PS-3, Wii, Receivers and Internet Radio players, even appliances today have the ability to use the internet) drive our need to implement a robust, reliable, efficient network..

Added to the internet access requirement is the load of all of the other technology systems in your home, including IP surveillance cameras, Digital and IP telephony systems, and video conferencing to name but a few.

Living In A Wireless Society

The next dimension to the challenge is the requirement that the network support mobility. The need to have mobile computing devices drives the need to incorporate wireless technology into the system design. Wireless capability adds additional challenges into the equation (example – security). Again, these requirements increase the demands for a thoroughly designed, considered, network.

Nothing Is Impossible With Us

The design team of Advanced ESI has the experience and ability to configure the optimal network for your facility. The network design will include the structured cabling infrastructure, the wireless access points, network switching devices, router and firewall appliance to a complete solution. Advanced ESI is an authorized Cisco partner and a reseller for a number of other network equipment manufacturers including Pakedge and HP. We can assist in a simple retrofit in your existing home or office with wireless technology, or outfit your new h ome or office from the design and blueprint stage.

Contact us for a free consultation on a networking solution for your home or business today.

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